Shree Darji Gnati Seva Samaj(DGSS)

ABOUT  SAMAJ :Shree Darji Gnati Seva Samaj(DGSS) is only Regd. Organization belonging to Gamadia Darji Gnati who has their origin in about 118 villages of south Gujarat (usually known as Vapi to Tapi). DGSS has its jurisdiction in areas between Mumbai to Virar; Mumbai to kalyan and Navi Mumbai divided into 21 parts. The total population of community is about 3000 which is settled in about 750 houses. According to one private survey 90.40% of the total population is educated of which 37.40% have higher education while other 53% are having primary education. DGSS publishes a magazine every quarter and directory every five years, it also organizes two periodical functions once a year, where in large number of people from community remains present and actively donate for the various services rendered by organization to community members.

To work towards upliftment of our community and its members. It has a theme line,

“ NIrantar Niswarth Samajseva.”


President Mr. Tulsidas G. Balsara 09821221220
Vice President Mr. Dilip Merai 09869373207
Vice President Mrs. Jagruti N Pardiwala
Secretary Mrs. Harsha Anil Merai
Jt. Secretary Mr. Hitendra H. Bulsara 09869265358
Jt. Secretary Mr. Manish H. Tailor 08976772654
Treasurer Mr. Sandip V. Tailor 09870468004
Inter. Auditor Mr. Anil N. Surti
Inter. Auditor Mr. Jayantilal H. Tailor
Legal Advisor Mr. Arun M. Tailor 09323288452
Manager Mr. Ishwar N. Tailor 09226833985


President Mr. Tulsidas G. Balsara 09821221220
Member Mr. Jayant B. Tailor 09869414584 
Member Mr. Ramesh Pardiwala 
Member Mr. Davendra Tailor 
Member Mr. Kantilal N. Merai 
Member Mr. Govind Z. Tailo



Mrs. Amisha R. Bulsara 
Mrs. Chaya K. Tailor 
Mrs. Bharati D. Bulsara 
Mrs. Meena H. Tailor 
Mrs. Aditi V. Tailor 
Mrs. Kavita J. Merchant 
Mr Mahendra S. Pardiwala 
Mr. Shantilal L. Tailor 
Mr. Shailesh R. Master 
Mr. Rakesh T. Balsara 
Mr. Harkishan R. Tailor 
Mr. Bharat B. Bhagat 
Mr. Nitin R. Master 
Mr. Pradip D. Tailo

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